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  • Possable incressed sales with slight change...

    There is a programable display device from 4D systems that suports this 5-way Sw directly by using an IO pin into it's A-D converter.

    http://www.4dsystems.com.au/downloads/4DGL-Display-Modules/uLCD-144(GFX)/Docs/uLCD-144-GFX-DS-rev5.pdf (see page 6)

    If you replace R1-22k, R2-1.2k, R3-10k, R4-4.7k, and R5-2.2k, It should be compatable with there unit. I do like the 4 mounting holes for support on your PCB. BTW... Would there possably be a top cap for this switch.??

  • Humm.. I tried to layout a part in Eagle after downloading the datasheet but after print-checkig it, turns out to large... I went back to check some of the dim's (like the spacing between the mount holes), and all seems ok. Not sure what I seem to be missing... I was wondering if anyone allready has the part made for Eagle..? It would save some time...
    Thanks in advance..!!

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