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  • PICs are absolutely not dead. If you look into most commercial/industrial products you will see a PIC. My company has actually switched back to PICs from AVRs for all sorts of reasons. PICs are rock solid and you usually you have no supply issues. Unlike AVRs which, I have personally seen, one batch of chips work perfectly and the whole next batch be faulty. Also, AVRs supply structure is terrible. Parts are constantly being changed/updated which forces distributors to carry low stock because they don't want to be stuck with tons of old chips. Let's not even get started on dev tools. If you think MPLAB X is bloated you should download AVR studio 5. I think it's over a gig to download everything. Didn't want to start a PIC vs AVR war but I had to at least chime in and give my personal experiences on the two in a non-hobbies view.

  • Interesting product

  • Oops. Voltage should double in series.

  • Ha! I have been doing a lot of work out of Denmark and I have to say, that for such a small country they have some brilliant people. Copenhagen is a beautiful place and has a great nightlife. Just stay away from the American karaoke bar after a few to many drinks. Ugly things and sounds are pretty much guaranteed.
    Have fun Guys!

  • Great write up Nate!
    Why is the Arduino 0017 needed? If you have WinAVR installed can you just navigate to the avrdude and avrdude.conf under that directory in the makefile?
    Thanks Again!

  • So far range testing is going well. These modules have a far greater range than I expected. It is also nice to be able to change the transmit power. If anyone is interested in a PC app for the USB stick with the AP1 let me know. It is not perfect but it is working quite well for testing. I plan on making much more improvements along the way.

  • You can download the DLL drives and the associated header files from the ANT website. http://thisisant.com

  • I will be running this module and others like it through the ringer in the next upcoming weeks. We are testing this chip for a possible use in a low power industrial product. I will share my notes and observations when completed.

  • I absolutely agree!

  • Very cool idea, but as others have said there is a lot of energy wasted converting from thermal to mechanical then to electrical. However, I'm thinking a pickup truck with a water tank, some mirrors and a few small hydro-electric turbines might not sound so crazy compared to recent gas prices!!

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