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  • As I understand it to get this working you will need either USB to 5 volt serial or a RS232 to 5 volt chip like a Max232 and a 5 volt power source. The manufacture also sells a kit with the serial converter. Edit: The Serial converter needs to pull the reset pin low when the DTR signal is asserted.

  • I do demos at the local robotics meetings where I show how to solder TQFP and other IC's using a 1/4 inch wide double bevel tip.

    First I use a paint stripper to heat both sides of the board and then I tap the board while it's upside down to remove the parts.

    Then I use solder wick to remove all the solder from the PCB so that the part sits in place. I then tack it in place.

    Once tacked in place I solder all the pads together in big blobs to make sure there is solder under each pin.

    There is then two different approaches at this point. you can use solder wick to remove the bridges or you can do what I like to do and mount the PCB vertically point the tip upward and flow the solder down the tip as you add more solder.

    The flow method requires that you tin the double bevel tip back towards the iron so that the solder will flow down the tip, but the big advantage is that it leaves a more consistent fillet.

    PS: There is a way to make a small compact hot air reflow oven, however it would be tricky since it would have to have moving vanes to simulate how the big units work.

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