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  • The following is an email I sent to Prologix, after discovering some “idiosyncrosies” with it’s initial setup. I think it has some useful info: “I’m very excited by the gpib-to-ethernet adapter. But there’s some weirdness in getting them to work:

    Initially, the adapter shows up at ip address This is NOT a legal address, and most “standard” ip-protocol software refuses such an address. Instead, please choose a canonical default address… say 192.168.1.x …or anything typical AND legal.

    Even worse, the initial port seems to be a random number, not 1234 or a typical open port. All of the computers I use nowadays have firewalls running, and only after multiple days of struggling to “see” the adapter, did I try turning off the firewall…. There it was, spewing out udp packets! Please change the “random port” to 1234, or better yet, a typical open port #.

    I am OSX as much as possible, and while I managed to run your netfinder and configurator under an emulator, your software could be implemented EASILY with a web-server (which would also use port 80)… and therefore platform independent. Look at ANY hub, switch, serial server, etc on the market today; they ALL follow this standard.

    I’m still eager to put my gpib-enet adapters to use, but your software engineers made a couple very poor decisions instead of following established standards. I welcome a response, but please don’t put me on any mailing lists."

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