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  • This is super cool, but I'd like to see shorter versions too. 6 feet is too long for "desktop" use, like connecting to a development board or external drive. Thus, maybe offer an 24 inch and 12 inch version or something like that. My WD external pocket drive came with a 12 inch cable and I love it - very portable and I use it for more than the HD. I'd prefer SparkFun red, though...

  • It will be 2 rows of 5 connectors. When you place the 10 conductor ribbon cable in to crimp it, you'll notice that every other insulation piercing pin is slightly offset. This is to connect to one of the two rows of pin sockets.

  • Dunno if this is on purpose or not, but the example code is missing the closing */ on "TRANSMITTER CODE" and "RECEIVER CODE" which effectively comments the entire thing out so you don't get any syntax highlighting/etc.

  • This listing is missing a "What is included with the class" list, like other CLS entries have. Part of the fun of taking these classes is the goodies you get to take home!

  • Took this class today. Very enjoyable and accessible. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone interested in getting stated with wireless!

  • Why isn't this available as a kit, with the board and all four headers, to order with one click for a discounted bundle price?

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