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  • That’s not true. There’s one that mouser sells for about half this price, but that one runs at 10 MHz. This one runs at 20 MHz, which mouser also sells… for $0.13 more than sparkfun.

  • Definitely the saddest comment I’ve seen on sparkfun.

  • I thought the same thing :/ just like on black friday, someone swiped it out of my cart before I made it to the checkout.

  • When in doubt, super glue and hot glue guns!

  • Could someone explain to me why it’s cheaper to buy this than just the battery alone? I could save $2 by buying one of these and taking the battery out. Seems silly to me, unless I’m missing something.

  • This kind of thing is the reason I love sparkfun. Where on digikey could you find something like this? Among my booty, I received a couple Protosnap MiniBot boards, one of which I used to make my first Arduino shield for programming ATtiny85’s.

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