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  • Why does the description say: “The buzzer works by making use of two I/O pins on a controller board”?

    Should say one I/O pin. + PWR and GND of course

  • I’ve used a piece of wire at the front of the robot. Thread it through the two layers and tighten to raise the sensors so they are approximately 1mm off of the floor. I’ve also used tape, but tape will stretch over time.

    Edit: I think the reason this is happening is because the magician chassis normally uses a 5th standoff, in the middle of the robot, to keep the two base layers from flexing. If you don’t have a motor encoder, use a 5th standoff and you likely won’t have the line sensors hit the ground.

  • When connecting to the RedBot will this connect to the motor shaft (rear of RedBot) or to the gearbox output shaft? Hopefully it’s the motor shaft.

    Is the RedBot encoder count 48x8=384 ticks / wheel revolution? If so, pretty good upgrade from the current 16 count/rev motor encoder.

  • Note, when not using the robot be sure to disconnect the power supply. The POWER ON/OFF switch does NOT disconnect all power to the headers, which will result in battery drain.

  • Thanks!

  • You might want to look into finding a 6V NiMH battery pack. It would be great if SparkFun sold a 5xAA battery holder.

  • The 404 error for has returned!

  • Is it possible to DOUBLE the resolution of the encoder by switching the Interrupt trigger (in the setPinChangeInterrupt routine) between Falling and Rising Edge in the interrupt?

    For example when the Rising edge is detected and the interrupt routine is entered, switch the interrupt type to Falling edge for the next transition.

    Edit: I see now that an interrupt option exists for “either” edge.

  • How about adding a hall effect switch to the robot? We at UNB often use line following robots (following a black electrical tape) and embed a magnet at the end of the track. Detection of the magnet can be used to either inform the robot that it has reached a “dead end” of a maze or to actuate a motor or servo to perform a function. We use it to shoot a dart gun.

  • Fantastic guide, and a great low cost platform! Please explore using 6V NiMH or 7.4V Lithium Ion batteries as a alternate energy source.

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