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  • I bought a handful of these and was slightly bummed to find that they are not QUITE the same geometry as a standard breadboard. The handy dandy BB power supplies from China (various brands) that offer 3v3 and 5v and span the breadboard, using both power rails, plug easily into any breadboard but do not quite plug into these sparkfun red boards. The spacing of the power rails apart is off by maybe 1/32" (too far apart). Argh! My plan is to modify the Eagle file and have some fabbed for my own use, but it would be nice if SF fixed this because those mini power supplies are quite handy.

  • Hi Nate, thanks for responding! I edited my post, possibly after you read it. Note SD card was formatted FAT and is readable/writable on a desktop computer... also final paragraph as it now reads: device is not going through the baud rate reset procedure as described. It responds to grounding Rx, but only halfway. Back-n-forth blinking yes but there is no synchronous blinking afterwards. There is also no "Morse O blink" of the blue LED after the baud rate reset (presumably) fails.

    I did contact my retailer to ask if the part is a dud and would they exchange it, but they want me to re-flash the device... and that means buying yet more parts (FTDI and -- maybe -- a crossover board?). The instructions for reflashing are quite daunting for a newbie. I think I'm getting in over my depth here... it could take a couple of weeks to get this working what with shipping and so on.

    So far, I have to admit to not being very happy :-( I thought it would be super easy and I could get on with my real telemetry project, but it seems I have to take on a whole additional project with more parts and more complicated procedures just to get the OL working.

  • Most reviews say this is an instant-gratification, plugNplay device. However, I have not been able to get mine to do anything but blink its blue LED (three blinks, pause, three blinks). None of the sample sketches get past the "is serial available" test; it does not create a CONFIG.TXT file on boot. Should I assume I have a defective unit? Been banging my head on it for a day or two now with no results. Every other Arduino device/library I have tested has worked, so I don't think it's my Uno or my brain that is broken (although the latter is always a possibility!). The SD card I am using has been formatted FAT (OSX Disk Utility) and mounts, reads and writes correctly under OSX.

    PS another test: "If you get OpenLog stuck into an unknown baudrate, there is a safety mechanism built-in. Tie the RX pin to ground and power up OpenLog. You should see the LEDs blink back and forth for 2 seconds, then blink in unison." When I do this, the LEDs blink rapidly back and forth for about 2 seconds, then only the green LED stays on. There is no blinking in unison. Is my unit broken?

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