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  • I hand-built a coil and documented for posterity's sake, and my dodgy memory, in excruciating detail here.

    I'm using a 5V supply and got about 6.5".

    How did you measure current consumption? I'm doing to some calculations that when they make sense I'll post. I put a 1.6 ohm (supposedly 1.5) resistor in series with the coil and measured a Vpp of 55.2mV. That would be about Ipp of 30mA.

    That does kind of jive with your numbers. Irms across the resistor was 11.5mA. Rdc of my coil was 3.9 ohms.

    I'm going to try to remember how to go from Vpp across the inductor to current. I believe that reactance figures into things.

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