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  • thank you :-) i figured that was the case based on the schematics and other stuff, but since it wasn't made 100% perfectly clear i didn't want to go on assumption. i've fried way too many things based on just assumptions.

  • arduino tutorial example... in Portuguese... um.... gee, thanks. not only do i have to learn C, C#, C++, Python, and whatever else, but now i have to learn the Portuguese language?!? fuck that noise!

  • hopefully my question doesn't sound stupid, but in the schematic A and B are indicated as negative A, positive A, negative B, and positive B. however......... on the stepper driver there is no indication as to what part of A or B is negative or positive. before i connect this (and potentially fry it) i want to know if polarity is an issue. i've scrolled thru the comments here and gone to the wantmotor(dot)com website trying to find my own answers before posting this (hopefully not too stupid sounding) question. again, in summary, is there an A+, A-, B+, B- difference to the four motor outputs on the easydriver 4.4?? thank you for not reviling me if this is a stupid question.

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