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  • Barbie shark bites!

  • I hope to see some more Nate and Pete live Q and A about engineering small electronics!

  • Does it work with a Dremel Tool?

  • You may replace Rob. But you will never replace the beard.

  • https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11601

  • I have a question concerning the xbee and uploading code via the xbee. I have been able to to do with the Arduino Pro 328 - 5V/16MHz. I tried to do the same set up but it doesn’t to work when I try it on this. Any hints?

  • Luigi finishing the remote upload to take Donkey Kong out first place. “Bingo! Oh ho ho ho!”

  • Pete I have used the Psoc family at an internship I had. It is a love hate relationship I have for it. But for this project I would suggest dropping down a PWM module with two out puts. Then change the duty cycle such that you know you wouldn’t have them both turned on at the same time for a fraction of a second. With the PWM modules you can make it so it has the kill and enable. Connect them to a control reg. This would allow you to start the PWMs at the same time. I think this would also introduce better tune-ability to the circuit. Right now I have some code for the FreeSoc that can control a H-bridge and some servos that uses the PWM blocks. I need to clean it up and document it so I can share it. I really enjoyed the video. Good use of the FreeSoc. I might try this circuit using the Free soc like I said and post results.

  • That removed all worry I had about the future of the company. I mean if the new CEO said no more dogs. I know the shareholder would be like about that…. I mean what would New Product Fridays be with out the occasional fury four legged friend.

  • I would nominate Pete but after meeting him at Small Sat last year I think I know how he would respond. Besides he would have even a bigger conflict of CEO VS Engineer than Nate. I hope you find one that keeps your values. One last question are you still going to be a majority holder?