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  • I am having a strange problem with the NS73M board: I run it with an Arduino via I2C. The I2C lines are pulled up to 3.3V via 10k resistors. Everything works great. I can adjust the transmit frequency, adjust the output power etc…However, when I connect an audio source (~100mV) to one of the inputs the I2C communication dies. Sometimes it keeps working for a few commands, usually it is dead right away. When I connect the audio source the audio is transmitted, i.e. this works. But somehow it is influencing the I2C setup. I tried several audio sources including a AD9833 waveform generator chip…always the same. After I2C dies, I have to power down everything for a few minutes. Then I can communicate again…I tried this with two different NS73 boards, i.e. the boards are probably not the problem…Any input will be appreciated! Thanks!

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