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  • Is it possible to output both raw data from the gyro, mag, accel for x,y,z as well as yaw, pitch, roll in real time?

  • I would like the sampling frequency to be at least 120 Hz for the purposes of a project I am working on. I know from the AHRS/Head-Tracker Tutorial that the output rate is 20ms (50Hz) and that the code is tuned for this. If I change the sampling frequency to something higher, where in the Arduino code would it get affected? Or in other words, how could I increase the sampling frequency?

  • Has anyone tried to hook this sensor up to a DAQ and analyze the digital signals and convert it back to analog signals?

  • Hey! Does anyone know if it is possible to directly gather data from each of the sensors (gyro, accelerometer, and the magnetometer) without having to go through the microcontroller?

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