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At MathWorks I work to engage the burgeoning maker community by setting up sponsorships of maker spaces, beginning with Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville MA. I also put together engineering competitions and classes on things like 3D printing and robotics at these spaces and exhibit at maker faires.

  • Toni and I had a lot of fun working together on the RedBot/Simulink project. I’m Paul, Toni’s counterpart over at MathWorks. I’ve been teaching classes to introduce automating robots at maker spaces lately, and the RedBot helps make things a lot easier on students new to the field on the hardware side, while Simulink helps students new to the software side. The majority of the students at the maker spaces are not students in college, but I wanted them to keep on playing at home after the course ended. After listening to my students and others like them (including the commenters here), MathWorks is now expanding access to our tools for people outside of college who just want to play around with ideas for fun instead of profit. We’re still experimenting with our offering, so we’ve set up a survey to hear what you’d like to get out of our tools. At the moment, we’re offering the same tools that are bundled in our Student Version, at the same price: $99. You can find the application/survey here. Of course as always, students can access the Student Version on our web store.