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  • Looks like the problem was that for the Mega, SDA is on pin 20 and SCL is on pin 21. (Facepalm)

  • I have check my connections multiple times, first running wires just through the holes, then wrapped wires around the holes and finally soldered the breakout board to headers and then used a breadboard to make my connections. I have made sure that each wire I am using was conducting my doing a simple analog read from 5V and 3.3V into an analog port (4) and I have changed them up. When looking at just the 3.3V output I'm reading about 3.18V (653 / 1023). I can try another ardunio but I'm not convinced that that will help at this point. When doing a straight analogRead(A4) when everything else is connected I am just seeing the supply voltage. I will go double check now but after soldering I had checked to make sure that solder wasn't connecting to pins together and it didn't seem to be the case.

  • Unfortunately when I went into the MPL3115A2.cpp and changed the delays to 100 and then 300 after a few seconds I would still get the timeout error (-999.00 pressure).

  • Hi, I'm currently trying to run the the example codes on my Arduino Mega 2560 but the output in the Serial Monitor is constantly giving me the maximum negative value: "Pressure(Pa):-999.00 Temp(f):-1766.20", "Pressure(Pa):-999.00 Temp(f):-1766.20 Altimeter setting InHg:nan", or "Altitude(ft):-3277.56 Temp(f):-1766.20" when I am running the library codes, and "æfxxxàxæê&¿õËPäeËj1"... when I am using the Example Code. I have made sure to connect Vcc to 3.3V, Ground to Ground and SDA directly to A4 and SCL directly to A5. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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