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  • I cannot find the information about the physical dimensions. I.e. the overall dimensions, and especially the location and size of the mounting holes. I realize there is a picture of the board with rulers next to it, but that is not sufficient to actually draw the appropriate locations of the mounting holes.

    The data sheets all seem to be about the electrical characteristics, and omit the dimensional data.

  • I did find the "M&M" sized connectors, but I had mis-remembered what they were. They are the 3M Scotchlok Insulation Displacement Connectors. Most versions of this really only function like a wire nut to tie several wires together, but don't require you to strip the ends. There is one that will do a tap into a line,without having to cut the line, but I would need 3 of these.

    So, there may not be an easy solution like I was hoping to find.

  • I am looking for an easy way to connect a very large number of these. I recall seeing these small M&M Candy-sized connectors that would only do 2 or 3 connections. There were two sides, and there were small blades that would push through the insulation and make the electrical connection. You used a tool to crimp the two sides together. They were intended for land line connections. There were versions to splice in a drop line, and that would seem to be an ideal solution. But, now I can't seem to find them.

  • Can this product be used as a wheel encoder? I realize it may not be designed for the durability normally required for a wheel enocder, but the most important question is if it can rotate continuously.

  • I visited the manufacturer's site, and find that all the required software and documentation for the Uno are scattered around on various web pages.

    Is there perhaps a single place where I can download everything at once? In particular I would like an off-line source of documentation, rather than having to access it a page at a time on the internet.

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