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  • The better solution to this is to add yourself to the dialout group, using this command:

    sudo usermod -G dialout -a $USER

    Ten to make your new group membership available, you will need to restart your login session or your terminal window, depending on how you launch the arduino GUI.

  • I just got my redboard as part of the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit.

    I wanted to say that I had trouble finding the serial port with my linux laptop, which is running a bleeding-edge Ubuntu 13.04.

    The symptom was that the Arduino Tools menu item “Tools | Serial Port” was grayed out.

    I did this to fix the permissions of the USB port:

    sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0

    After that the “Serial Port” menu immediately became not grayed out, turned to black enabled text and I could choose the portcorrectly and connect to my redboard.

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