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  • The 4-40 screw hole size in the hub is in the dimensional drawing. Too bad it wasn't in the description. But it still is not compatible with Actobotics.

  • I ordered a few pairs of these knowing that the set screw size was 4-40 and that they came with set screws, however, I had expected the hub screw holes to be 6-32. I suppose I shouldn't have expected this since it doesn't mention 6-32 in the description, yet, at the same time, it DOESN'T mention the size of the screw holes on the hub AT ALL in the description anyway. So, just FYI to everyone who doesn't have a habit of looking at every dimensional drawing for every part ordered, the screw hole sizes on the hub are 4-40 as well. Plus, you may also want to note that these hubs are NOT at all compatible with the Actobotics product line. The holes do not line up no matter how you orient them. These hubs are manufactured by Pololu, not Actobotics. This fact isn't stated in the description and was another contributor to my confusion. But, I know now. And, despite all the confusion, it's a pretty nice hub. It holds tight.

  • That's a great question. I'd like to know that too. It seems the actobotics product line may be incomplete. For example, I've been browsing for hours and don't see any set screws for sale. Also, I don't see any toothed timing belts. Plus, where are the linear bearings?

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