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  • For those that have overwritten the factory software image, here is a simple walkthru to get the factory image back on the eval board using Windows xp/7:

    • Download the Arduino software
    • Extract the zip of the installation to somewhere you will remember (like desktop or temp)
    • Download the above source code for the eval board and unzip it
    • Open the unzipped source code and look for a file called ADXL345_Eval_v16.hex.
      • Copy this file to the following location:
      • Locate the location where you unzipped the Arduino software and open the "hardware" folder.
      • Then open the "tools" folder.
      • Then open the "avr" folder.
      • Then open the "bin" folder.
      • Paste the file here.
    • Now open cmd.exe (as administrator in windows 7)
    • Change directory "cd" into where you extracted the Arduino software (my example - "cd \Users\whitezw\Desktop\arduino-1.0.1-windows\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\tools\avr\bin")
    • Type the following command "avrdude.exe -C ..\etc\avrdude.conf -carduino -patmega328p -P com8 -b57600 -v -Uflash:w:ADXL345_Eval_v16.hex" ** Note that my Arduino is using COM8 on my computer. You will need to change this to match whatever port you Arduino is using. **

    That's it... Now you should be back to the factory image and able to record accel values to the sd card.

    Thanks, Zeb

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