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  • For those that have overwritten the factory software image, here is a simple walkthru to get the factory image back on the eval board using Windows xp/7:

    • Download the Arduino software
    • Extract the zip of the installation to somewhere you will remember (like desktop or temp)
    • Download the above source code for the eval board and unzip it
    • Open the unzipped source code and look for a file called ADXL345_Eval_v16.hex.
      • Copy this file to the following location:
      • Locate the location where you unzipped the Arduino software and open the “hardware” folder.
      • Then open the “tools” folder.
      • Then open the “avr” folder.
      • Then open the “bin” folder.
      • Paste the file here.
    • Now open cmd.exe (as administrator in windows 7)
    • Change directory “cd” into where you extracted the Arduino software (my example - “cd \Users\whitezw\Desktop\arduino-1.0.1-windows\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\tools\avr\bin”)
    • Type the following command “avrdude.exe -C ..\etc\avrdude.conf -carduino -patmega328p -P com8 -b57600 -v -Uflash:w:ADXL345_Eval_v16.hex” Note that my Arduino is using COM8 on my computer. You will need to change this to match whatever port you Arduino is using.

    That’s it… Now you should be back to the factory image and able to record accel values to the sd card.

    Thanks, Zeb

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