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  • Friends don't let friends use Macs.

  • endless problems with Windows??????? <sarcasm> ;)

  • I have a Raspberry Pi and a BBB, I was excited to get my BBB and had expected to be as good or better than my Pi. I was extremely underwhelmed. The BBB is not worth the money, it is not a well thought out device.

  • Look up STM32F4 you can fins it from around $15 to about $30

  • Why do people dislike thinks they cant understand?--- Answer; Fear. 1. Get an mbed.

    1. Go to the LPCXpresso IDE page, and register an account. Once that is done, download the appropriate version of the IDE for your platform.

    2. Install the IDE. During setup, you might be asked if you want to install the Debug drivers and the NXP-link drivers. These are completely un-necessary if you are going to be using this IDE strictly for the mbed. The mbed unfortunately cannot be debugged, nor can the chip be completely reflashed, as the mbed module lacks the JTAG breakouts.

    Once installed, run the IDE. To stop the annoying nag message, you should activate your product (it’s free). To do this, go to Help>Product Activation>Create Serial number and Activate. This will give you a serial number. On the LPCXpresso IDE site, you can click My Registrations, and enter this serial number. Once you do that, check your email. You will have received an activation code. Go to Help>Product Activation>Enter Activation Code and paste in the code emailed to you. This will register your IDE. Again, this step is optional, but it prevents a nag-box from appearing every time you open the IDE.

  • I can see where they could be intimidating to some too.

  • It is a very technically advanced device, I can see where it could scare some people away from it. My advise for you and others still getting their feet wet would be to keep using the Arduino, and build more advanced types of sketches, try using many Arduino's to work together to complete a task using 1@c and serial comm.Then give these a try, to jump straight into one of these things in not for the light hearted , it would require some discipline in learning or advanced knowledge.

  • Why is your shipping so crazy expensive??

  • All of you are funny, as far as side by side comparison of the BBB and the R-Pi B using the human eye... Both are very underwhelming. Neither seems better than the other, but the R-Pi rules the day with video processing and quallity. The BBB shouldn't even show it's face in that test. As far as using them like you should, sans GUI, they are both nice platforms for experimental research. In the R-Pi's favor there is much more support in terms of aftermarket addons and toys. If you uses these devices with a GUI dont expect much from either, but true Makers dont use GUI's. Final verdict is no difference worth any bragging rights except the R-Pi leaves the BBB behind likes it was leashed to a fence. As for the number of GPIO's, I have yet to need more, and when i do, I would tie in shift registers and arduinos with the Pi. Can anyone say I2C?

  • I would defiantly start with the Raspberry Pi, it is a much better and easier to use. I had my Rpi working the same evening instantly. I had pre made SD sard for the expectation of my Pi. GREAT product. Here I am day 4 with my BBB and I have still not go it to be fully functional in a stand alone mode. And all the directions I read tell me I need a µSD card. Yet the product boasts you don't need one. If you want to be up and running in a few minute with a Linux form factor computer get the Pi. If you already done that been there then get and Arduino. then after that is said and done then get the BBB. by that time you have started out with easier to use products and have jumped some hurdles and now you are ready for the ultimate in frustrations.. lol. When I get tired of F-ing around with the BBB I relax and goof off with my Pi or Arduino.. Anyway have fun and MAKE something. If you alread have a BBB you will be fine, just takes a lot of reasearch to make work, not intuitive like the others.