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  • "I don't know... won't this bracelet make me look ridiculous?"

  • That flyover video of Sparkfun's new "spaceship" campus might have to wait..

  • A "read with me" stuffed animal! Each book could have its own SD card containing narration from a parent or Morgan Freeman. The kid pops the SD card into the back of the animal and presses a button on its paw or nose to start reading the story. If the SD card has each page as a separate file, the child could flip back and forth between pages by pressing different parts of the animal.

    A really fancy stuffed animal would be watching for turned pages and start reading the next page right away.

    At least it would give kids the joy of hearing the little turn-the-page indicator sounds. I don't think those really exist anymore.

  • Frozen in agony after mistakenly reading free shipping was canceled, the SparkFun SuperFan was sent back to to the factory to get refurbished.