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  • darn - i got both into my cart, but by the time the cart page loaded for checkout the big box was backordered. I removed it before hitting submit. too bad, i think i would have gotten both!

  • The other thing that is important to note (and the tests dis not yet demonstrate) was not that the low was taking longer, but that the internal loop command is also taking time in the Arduino (which is why the other people here are adding a seemingly redundant while(1)). the time taken by the digitalWrite is probably the same for both.

  • The only thing better than a third hand is a second head.

  • I spent almost 8 hours debugging Saturday, and I determined that my Mega Pro 5V (just arrived Wednesday) has a 8MHz clock. If you have an AVR programmer, you can use Arduino's "upload via programmer" option to load the basic blink program, and the resulting LED blink will be 2 seconds on 2 seconds off, instead of 1 and 1.

    I loaded the Mega Pro 3.3V bootloader onto mine (which is normally 8MHz), and have been able to program and use the board, though I did actually need the 16MHz for my project. I have an email in to tech support, but you may want to email them too.

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