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  • I bought a few of these after reading the comments (and there are some really great ideas here! The 2-led module from Dragon99 that slips on pin 11/12 for a quick indicator setup is amazing.

    I copied his idea then came up with an ICSP / 6 wire gender changer. Has 2 female 2x3 pin headers, and 1 2x3 male all wired together in ISCP format. So you have male to male, and female to male changers on the board, since I only have M/M and M/F jumpers. Hook the female to the ICSP header on board 1, jumper to the board into the female connector, then use the female header to the male end of the jumper, and the female to the other iscp header on board 2. Worked well!

  • Just received one of these - it was far better built than the price tag leaves you to believe. it's quite sturdy, and clips directly onto the board on the edges. The mounting holes of the board also sit on molded and drilled mounting bosses on the bottom of the board. Even without the screws, the board does not move at all. There is an integrated, molded tang on the top of the board, with a pin reaching down over the reset switch, so you are able to push the plastic button and reset the board (a feature not mentioned in the description). There are plastic rings molded into the outside bottom of the case that act as feet - rubber feet would also mount perfectly here (as the ring would keep it from shifting), but alas the board mounting screws and rubber feet are not included.

    Overall I'm extremely pleased with the case and my one gripe is that they do not make an Uno sized one! I tested an uno and it fit perfectly. They really need to make these in Uno size, as it's a great case, and the only in that price range (that I'm aware of).

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