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  • I'm unclear on how to operate this. I hooked it up to 5V and an Analog pin and am getting readings just fine, but then I'm reading that it's better to cycle the Power using a PWM pin. Can somebody clearly outline a best practice for operating the sensor? Will keeping it on 5V damage the sensor?

  • When I do: uView.clear(ALL); I get about 2 mA of power savings and a blank screen. Because this is an OLED display, I think turning off all the pixels using that command is a significant power savings.

    I think alternatively if you really want larger power savings, you can use the end, and then use hardware interrupts to wake the arduino back up... but this really isn't my area of expertise.

  • To be clear, does this have internal voltage regulation (Input is listed at 3.3-16V). If I plug 12V into VIN, will everything function fine?

    Also, the specs are listed as 12 Digital I/O pins although only 4 are listed (2, 3, 5, and 6). Do the other 8 come from using and TX/RX and A0-A5 as Digital I/O?

  • Any way to hack this to work as a macbook pro remote?

  • I wrote some code to turn the simon says into a 4 hole ocarina: https://github.com/mrsoltys/Simon-Says/blob/master/Firmware/Ocarina/Ocarina.ino

    Note: the original code with the easter-eggs and everything can be found at: https://github.com/sparkfun/Simon-Says/tree/master/Firmware/Simon_Says

  • Love hacking this! My hack was to turn it into a four-hole ocarina...