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  • Yeah, here I always thought "will it burn someone's house down and deny them an insurance payout?" would be one of the things you checked BEFORE sending out handfuls of them in nice red boxes with your name on it.

  • Yeah considering how terrifyingly bad the design of some of these are, I'd want a real close-up picture of the CE mark. I mean being SparkFun, I hope y'all just ordered a huge assortment of adapters off AliExpress, took them apart, and found the least shameful one, but still.

  • Pro tip: you can tie the trigger and receive pins together and save yourself a pin. They're never active at the same time. The receiver is locked out for a very brief period after the pulse is sent (if I had to guess, I'd say about how long sound takes to travel 2cm and back.) Search for SRF-04 if you're trying to find a good datasheet.

  • For anyone looking for filter out visible light - try to find a Rosco gel swatchbook. It includes absorption graphs for every color, and you could make ten filters out of just the tiny piece of gel in the swatchbook. The included blue filter looks like R68 or R80 (which are approx $9 for a 24x36" sheet.)

  • Hey Sparkfun bros, might wanna proofread the description a bit :)

    But, actual question, at the 1Hz refresh rate, is it the board, with regulator, that's drawing 12uW, or just the LCD module itself?

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