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  • On thing that has really impressed me about you guys at sparkfun is the positive approach to problems / issues / difficult people... Instead of just wining about things, you attempt to come up with a solution or helpful perspective. A sadly rare attitude. The way u guys handled the cease and desist, the subpoena and other things i have observed have been open, positive and professional. Keep it up i say.

  • I had a mental fade moment and brought one of these things (we run 230v over here). Feeling pretty stupid about it, I decided to hack it. I opened it up hoping the manufacturer would have designed it for both 110v and 220-240v and just wired it for 110. sadly no. but what i noticed is that the motor has a rectifier in front of it. ie a high voltage dc motor. so i wondered... what about just putting a power diode in series with the AC lines in... so it would cut off half the AC waveform. That seems to work!. i would not recommend this as proper solution as the motor will be getting double its voltage for half the time. Also noticed that it overheats easier than it should (prob motor not running as fast as it should)

  • what happened to the module itself? it appears you are not selling it by itself.

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