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  • This confuses me, because I've always shipped them *.GBR and DRILL.TXT and they've accepted them just fine.


  • My biggest disappointment with OSH Park is that ... they no longer ship purple boards in purple shipping bags.

    Yep, that's it. Biggest one I could think of. Other than that, they're completely awesome, great customer service, support for payments via Google Checkout or Paypal. Shows you a visualization of your board as it interprets the Gerbers. Works with gEDA. Sends confirmation emails at various board steps so you know exactly where your board is in the process.

  • What part are you trying to use on the RPi? The rotary encoder, the LED, or the ring of LEDs?

  • And ... it's probably unnecessary to debounce the encoder (all you'll get is some bobble back and forth, but it will settle on the next increment), but is necessary to debounce the push button.

  • The example code says: oldEncoderState &= 0xC0; where it should probably say: oldEncoderState &= 0x0C; if the value of oldEncoderState is to stay within [0:15].

  • Not to be confused, of course, with Scott Draves' Electric Sheep art project, http://electricsheep.org/, which has Android support. I'm running it as my background on my Nexus 7, and it's splendiferously wonderful!

  • I'm just glad that we have a government to protect us from corporations who are offering us fun. God forbid we should have fun.

  • My roommate at Clarkson University (then College) bought a Heathkit stereo amplifier, and practically soldered the whole thing myself before he could pry it away from me. I built a tube VOM to go with my DuMont dual-beam (not dual trace, but dual beam) oscilloscope.

    But the reason I write here is because Clarkson University was one of the first universities to give its incoming freshmen a computer. In our case it was the Heath/Zenith Z-100. Came with a monitor that looked surprisingly like a B/W Zenith television. The computers had 128K of RAM, and one floppy disk. Amazing that you could actually DO anything with them.

  • This is insane. They expect manufacturers to put a proprietary socket into their hardware on the off-chance that somebody is going to spend $30 to put an Electric Imp into it? Either 1) this will fall down on its face immediately, or 2) it will be a wild success, in which case everybody else will be lobbying manufacturers to put Yet Another proprietary socket into their hardware.

    I predict fast failure for this company. It's too bad, because if they had gone with an Open Hardware approach, I would be predicting instant success.