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  • I got a Bus Pirate from you at the end of 2010, but I had no need for it until now. Today I tried to fire it up via HyperTerminal under Windows 7/64, but it is not recognized. I have the latest FTDI drivers, and Windows identifies the VID/PID of the port as 0x0403 and 0x6001, but the board is inert. Its Power LED is on, and its RX & TX LEDs flash for < 1 second when it is first plugged in, but that's it. Certainly, it never sends anything to HyperTerminal. I imagine that there is an INF file missing somewhere. Is this a recognized problem?

  • I have 3 of these. They are so unreliable, even after applying the various strategies described by earlier commentators, that I have given up on them. I will give them away to anyone who will pay for postage (from Canada).

    When I get replacement displays, they will not be from SparkFun, whom I no longer trust.

  • Well, no, your problem is not solved. The schematic on the Arduino Web site is not consistent with the R3 board. The most obvious discrepancy is that two of the connectors are 2 pins longer than the schematic claims them to be; I expect there are less obvious discrepancies too. If we're lucky, the Arduino gang (or someone else) will post a correct schematic before the action moves to R4, leaving R3 an undocumented orphan. I'd have expected SparkFun to warn customers about this product.

  • This is a terrific idea, possibly even patentable. Will SparkFun be converting its Eagle libraries to use this technique with pertinent parts (any parts with short, straight leads, I expect; probably including DIPs), or will it just become part of the folklore, with redundant Eagling effort being undertaken all around the world?

  • I am on the way to answering my own request. I have found a 4-year-old API manual for the BlueSoleil firmware, and most of the pertinent parts of it are still correct. There are new, undocumented fields in the structures, and scattered other problems of similar weight, but there seem to have been no critical changes in the portion of the firmware that provides serial-port services.
    The facilities provided are far more comprehensive than the AT commands, but they are not nearly as handy. In particular, there's no way of talking to the firmware via HyperTerm or any similar featherweight client.
    I'll soon have a working wrapper of Delphi-6 code, in the form of a unit that can be used by other Delphi programs. I will share it if anyone is interested.

  • Is there a command interface for this device (like the AT set for modems, or like the similar Roving-Networks set that works with the BlueSmirf)? I want to control the dongle from my own software, instead of having to go through BlueSoleil.exe each time.
    As far as I can tell, the driver generates an array of virtual COM ports, but it does not assign itself to any of them, so I don't know how to get at it except through the facilities of BlueSoleil.exe.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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