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  • Product DEV-11098 | about 6 months ago

    I can’t use the Arduino IDE (complicated reasons) - so I use Makefiles, g++ and avrdude directly from Ubuntu Linux.

    I have two Pro-micro boards and a Leonardo. I did the development work on the Leonardo - then decided to shrink the design onto a Pro-micro. Since I’ll eventually be making around a thousand of these things - I need to evaluate the switch over to using the Pro-Micro rather carefully. To that end, I bought an “official” (5v/16MHz) SparkFun Pro-Micro and a 5v/16MHz clone from someplace in China (it’s labelled “Deek-Robot”). The two boards look identical in every way, except for the PCB color and the name on the back.

    The Deek-Robot board works perfectly as a Leonardo - same exact software, same avrdude settings…which I presume is because it uses the exact same original CATERIN bootloader as the Leonardo.

    But I can’t get the Sparkfun board to talk to me. I presume that’s because of the modified bootloader…but double-resetting it doesn’t work - I can’t figure any way to get it to work with avrdude.

    What I need is either:

    (a) A way to re-flash the bootloader back to the original CATERIN using avrdude….or… (b) The correct settings for avrdude to send sketches to the modified CATERIN bootloader.

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