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  • SM,6 is what worked for me, but I get a signal drop (it then reacquires), every 5 seconds. Did you see this about a factory reset?

    I’m probably going to need to do this too since I’ve now locked myself in Even Parity and can’t get back to CMD mode. I’d be curious if you solved your issue.

  • Anyone know what could be wrong with my configuration if I’m getting an interrupted signal every five seconds? Everything else is functioning properly and it immediately re-pairs. Here’s how I configured the BlueSMiRF: S~,6 (HID profile) SH,0220 (Mouse) SU,38 (correct baud rate for program 38400) SA,4 (authentication mode, all seem to work fine) SM,6 (Pair)

    Also can’t seem to make the F,1 command work (fast data mode). I have a feeling this might be my problem, but I’m stuck.

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