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  • Make sure you use ICAO and DOT recommended hazard diamond labels that are NOT embellished by the supplier, such as the one shown. The last I have knew, that block for a UN and PSN is not approved and you can be written up for it if someone has it out for you.

  • It would be so awesome to have Bluetooth noise canceling modules to install onto my Audio Technicas.

  • So no USB 3.0?!?! Is the Wifi on a shared bus with the USB?

  • Why not use the store to provide the customer to 'taylor' their purchase. The first drop down shows [soldered headers, headers included, no headers] and the second option, if applicable, [shows male, male/female]. This type of tayloring could simplify the entire store for an easier customer experience. I think this is important because why have two product links? In addition, you could list one product for headers and allow the user to taylor the length, etc.

  • "Releasing of my gas just got so much more interesting! Friends, family, and coworkers beware!"

  • I am sorry, but his little experiment looked very sketchy. Picture is here: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/150916134402-clock-ahmed-mohamed-texas-medium-plus-169.jpg. The teacher or staff raising concern is valid. Law enforcements judgement may not be because of the comments about his dad. The boy is not his dad. I think Sparkfun's early stance in the matter though is ill placed until the facts are released.

  • A Norseman practicing for a modern day t-rex hunt!

  • To deal with spammers and server load have you considered using the four different available lists from https://www.projecthoneypot.org/ to input into your firewall or reject at the httpd? This saves bandwidth and server load as the crawlers cannot request resources. When I used to run some webservers, this was a huge performance increase.

  • Oh I understand that. It was more tongue and cheek because firmware, which I consider to be hardware, not software, is not covered under the hardware license?

  • How does this all work when most of the code that gets posted for Arduino is really firmware which in my opinion hardware. I have always seen this be a very interesting conversation in industry because the firmware is required for the hardware to operate at the basic level for projects that use them.

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