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  • It would be so awesome to have Bluetooth noise canceling modules to install onto my Audio Technicas.

  • So no USB 3.0?!?! Is the Wifi on a shared bus with the USB?

  • Why not use the store to provide the customer to ‘taylor’ their purchase. The first drop down shows [soldered headers, headers included, no headers] and the second option, if applicable, [shows male, male/female]. This type of tayloring could simplify the entire store for an easier customer experience. I think this is important because why have two product links? In addition, you could list one product for headers and allow the user to taylor the length, etc.

  • “Releasing of my gas just got so much more interesting! Friends, family, and coworkers beware!”

  • I am sorry, but his little experiment looked very sketchy. Picture is here: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/150916134402-clock-ahmed-mohamed-texas-medium-plus-169.jpg. The teacher or staff raising concern is valid. Law enforcements judgement may not be because of the comments about his dad. The boy is not his dad. I think Sparkfun’s early stance in the matter though is ill placed until the facts are released.

  • A Norseman practicing for a modern day t-rex hunt!

  • To deal with spammers and server load have you considered using the four different available lists from https://www.projecthoneypot.org/ to input into your firewall or reject at the httpd? This saves bandwidth and server load as the crawlers cannot request resources. When I used to run some webservers, this was a huge performance increase.

  • Oh I understand that. It was more tongue and cheek because firmware, which I consider to be hardware, not software, is not covered under the hardware license?

  • How does this all work when most of the code that gets posted for Arduino is really firmware which in my opinion hardware. I have always seen this be a very interesting conversation in industry because the firmware is required for the hardware to operate at the basic level for projects that use them.

  • Implementation is key. If you used Wifi for the access, then you already have 1 factor authentication as long as it is secure. If you want to allow access outside of the Wifi, change the ports used by the IoT device, use SSL, and setup your application and router to support port knocking. Put a password on your phone or don’t cache the password to your locking device. If you want to protect against brute forcing the password, then consider increasing the delay between failed password entries by some increasing scale. Consider having a dual radio for Wifi and Bluetooth. Wifi only passwords have a single use (think remote open for a family member, etc). Dual routed wifi and bluetooth password (behind the scene in the app) is the required for normal use.

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