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  • Wow, I got the little mono audio amplifier breakout board today … Can’t they make it smaller? There seems to be wasted space. Maybe make these things 20% smaller? At least I can fit it into a project, but if it was smaller I think it would be easier to use in more projects. I like designing tiny robots that talk, sing and dance.

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  • Hi, Why not use a class “A/B” type chip like the LM4991 or LM4871 for better audio quality and more volume? Is there that much energy savings?

    I wish the dimensions were published in the sample images like other components. I also wish everything was in mm to make designing for these parts easier … I hate English fractions and although born in the USA, I’ve been using Metric for many years because it’s so much easier.

  • How can they NOT label the headers so we know how to connect this to a ┬ÁController or other device?