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  • Come on, it has Giant right there in the description. Please add photos with a ruler to give a quick idea of the size. And how about adding both metric and imperial units? Torque in oz-in and dimensions in metric? Just include both. And one more thing, SparkFun rocks!

    Now to get a few of this for a giant T-rex project!

  • Where is the ruler picture?

  • Can someone try a quick and dirty Jacob’s ladder and see if it works? Coat-hanger wire (would the lacquer be an issue?) or ?

  • That sounds like plenty of pins for a simple temperature controller. I was not sure if any of the available pins might interfere with the operation of the micro. Thank you.

  • I hate to ask a dumb question, but here goes. What pins ARE available for external use on the board? That is, if I am trying to build a small controller using just this board (not the targeted application I know but it is SO tempting with all those extra controller cycles just laying there begging to do something). What pins could I use post-programming? Talk to me like I am 5. Thanks.

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