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  • NASA has a published standard for wiring that I saw recommended on a FIRST robotics site.


  • I wanted to give you a heads up that the "Oscar Shh-tatue" project's labeling appears to inadvertently support position that celebrities should not use their spotlight to draw attention to social issues but instead should "SHUT THE F@#K UP".

    I am confident that this was unintentional but I would implore you to edit the label to provide a less confrontational message that is more suitable to SparkFun's general audience (Time's Up? Roll Credits? Long Winded? Pedantic? Rambling Explanation?).

    Aside from the political overtones, the current wording delivers a clearly hostile message. I am confident that SparkFun would not condone one of their employee to telling a coworker to "SHUT THE F@#K UP" in mid-sentence, even by handing them a statue (HR gets heartburn just thinking about it).

    And I am sure SparkFun does not want to send the message to their young readers that it is every acceptable to interact with their fellow students, teachers, parents, bosses or anyone really, with the phase "SHUT THE F@#K UP".

  • Great post, very helpful information. Can you tell us which sleep modes on these boards can still wake from an external interrupt (something like a motion sensor that may see long inactive periods between very short events)? A few tips on the best way to handle this scenario with a WiFi enabled board would be appreciated! Thank you!

  • IDE every time. I see example code and libraries and support forums. And when I hear this hot new Internet of Things board is Arduino compatible I think programming via the IDE, not the mechanical layout of the pins. You can build Arduino projects without Arduino brand boards but you cannot build Arduino Projects without the Arduino IDE. The Arduino community could move forward without another board ever shipped with the Arduino Logo on the silkscreen. But remove the Arduino IDE and there is no longer Arduino.

  • I disagree. You can build your own Arduino with a 328p, breadboard, a usb programmer and a few support parts that differs little in functionality compared to the first Arduino board. The Arduino IDE is a priceless resource that provides value to a universe of Makers and Inventors. Arduino brand boards are an overpriced commodity that we support because it funds the continued development IDE. Now we find the hardware guys have stopped funding the IDE? How many companies can step in and build Ardunio boards? Dozens if not hundreds. Many are on shelves right now. But very very few could fill Massimo Banzi's shoes and empower a Movement. Commodities can be duplicated and replaced. A Movement cannot. Arduino is a Movement. The Love, the Craft, the Magic is in the IDE.

  • The Arduino that fuels the Maker Movement is the IDE provided by Arduino.cc. I believe everyone should stop purchasing Arduino branded boards and purchase only boards that include the notice "A portion of this sale is given back to Arduino LLC to help fund continued development of new tools and new IDE features."

    Arduino is the IDE, not the PCB!

  • Come on, it has Giant right there in the description. Please add photos with a ruler to give a quick idea of the size. And how about adding both metric and imperial units? Torque in oz-in and dimensions in metric? Just include both. And one more thing, SparkFun rocks!

    Now to get a few of this for a giant T-rex project!

  • Where is the ruler picture?

  • Can someone try a quick and dirty Jacob's ladder and see if it works? Coat-hanger wire (would the lacquer be an issue?) or ?


  • That sounds like plenty of pins for a simple temperature controller. I was not sure if any of the available pins might interfere with the operation of the micro. Thank you.

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