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  • nice one! My tag actually died on me today, need to remove it now, video will follow.

  • Is it possible to dismount the LCD from the board and put it at 90 angle to be used in a projection setup?

  • I thought I'd do a smart move by moving from the gravitech Unos (which are rock solid and comes with USB) to these but I'm disappointed now...

    The first one failed after 2 month of 8h/day use average. It was simply PWMing 3 channels to a led strip and now it's dead. It's stuck on idk what but all 3 channels are full,all the time.

    The second one is about to go into a customer's project and I'm thinking about scrapping it as I won't ship something that fail in a month,not good for the business...

    Also,they are very tricky to get running with the arduino IDE with the sparkfun FTDI cable,it took me a couple of tries to get it working correctly.

    I don't think they are early versions as they were bought 4 month ago...

  • nvm,problem found. My embeded USB hub in the front pannel is busted. threw it to the back one and it's fine now.

  • I can't get this to work. w7 keep throwing "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" at me.

    Tried FTDI installer/files and no luck. When updating,state I already ahve the latest...

    what's wrong with that cable?

  • Quick question: I see that it's rated 5-12V, would it work relliably with a car's 12V supply which is 11.8-13.8 V or do I really need a 7809 in between to even things out?


    According to the datasheet of the MIC5205 I get :

    Supply Input Voltage (VIN)............–20V to +20V Enable Input Voltage (VEN)............–20V to +20V Input Voltage(VIN)....................+2.5V to +16V Enable Input Voltage VEN).............0V to VIN

    As I see nothing else hardwired to the RAW pin else than U2,am I correct assuming this won't fail plugged to a Car battery?


  • verichip won't sell to public cause they want the implantation control. I had a chat with them prior to buying this.

  • I drive a motorbike at 180 mph thus I don't seriously see RF radiation as a threat.

  • For my implantation the chip sat in a sterilizing solution (not iodine since I'm allergic) for 15 straight minutes,no less. All worked out perfectly good.

  • After testing, people determined that if you would crush your hand hard enough to break the chip,it is very likely that your bone structure is beyond "broken". As a mech Eng I work a lot with heavy engines and parts,got my hands cut and crushed a couple of time and I must admit that the only time the chip did hurt myself was when a dog bit me directly on it. 2 days after it was brand new,still working.

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