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  • MrAureliusR is correct.

    Don’t buy it get any other development system from any other manufacture. I’ve used microchip stuff in the past and it always was a “trick” to get it to install and work. Many years later I decide to plop down more money and get a newer system and it’s the same story many years later. Let’s count the offences together. 1 Won’t install off the CD on 3 different machines. Download the software from the website. 2 Need an account from the website to download the “free software” that I bought. 3 You need inaccurate documents that reference different products that don’t explain all the hardware you’ll need to get it working. 4 Serious driver issues. I got a broken PCB mill from the 1.44 floppy days in less time I repaired the cutting head installed all software and got 3.1/win 95 setup working with a usb to serial adaptor sold on spark fun in less time than it takes to get anything off the Pikit3.

    Pros red case looks cool Cons this thing is landfill when people get a lower cost knockoff to work with less effort something is wrong with your product.

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