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  • 5%, as shown on the front of the package.

  • For anyone who comes across it, there ARE 4 state changes per click. The datasheet is NOT clear on this, and I wish the description would point this out.

  • YES, disabling I2C pullups outside of the Pi is a great idea, especially considering the possibility of an external device pulling SDA/SCL to 5v instead of 3.3v!

  • Confirm, 14.7+ is waaaay outside the 20m band (14.0-14.35 MHz).

  • Your spring trick did work (on my second one - first one was just defective) and gave me 96 positions per rotation, BUT after some real digging, what you originally had IS how they’re supposed to work - these are FULL CYCLE per detent, or 4 state changes per detent. This sure isn’t made obvious and led to massive headaches! My detents were still misaligned it seems, so I had to play with the spring a bit but got it to work.

  • A flow meter and a peristaltic pump are “almost the same thing”?

  • Little late but could be useful: I did use this for a TMP36 project based around a PIC16F1828 and didn’t have any problems.

  • I’m pretty sure they meant general shorts, not just with the skin.

  • Water-soluble fluxes are highly aggressive and will corrode boards if left uncleaned. This can be a real problem in some cases where it gets under things like BGAs especially.

  • Here’s another vote for the Kester 951. I can’t live without the damn stuff.

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