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  • I'm using BED and I'm very exciting with works. You can see photos and videos of first test at

    So, now I need to more speed. My "leadscrew" has 1,5mm pass per revolution of motor.

    I'm using a 12V power supply, and default BED with no jumper configuration. I mean, I guess the BED is in 1/16 microstepping by default.

    I will use now a 24V power suply. My question is: I have to put the BED in full stepp mode to get more speed?

    And if yes, how I do this? It's just jumper the MD1-3 to GND? Or I have to cut of some trail of the board. I have no ideia to how chance between High and Low the MD1, MD2 and MD3 pins, because, I think the BED in default is in High, so, if I connect the MD# pins to GND to put them LOW, I will make some thing wrong?

    Sorry my english.

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