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  • Awesome product... until you drop the loupe, the LED holster cracks open, then you realize its impossible to fix it because its a cheap plastic mechanism to hold two batteries and an LED together rather shoddily.

  • To follow up on this, I already have a replacement Bus Pirate on my way with a correct VReg on it and a return label for my old part from Sparkfun. Within one day. Well done, Sparkfun!
    If you are measuring incorrect voltages or are having problems with the device (I started to encounter erratic behavior after using it some), check your voltages, as described above, and drop Sparkfun a line, if so.

  • Also, you'd be right in removing:
    '0-6volt measurement probe'
    Since this functionality is rendered useless because of the incorrect voltages. (See wd6cmu's problem)

  • Sparkfunnnnnn... WHY did you mess up with the voltage regulator? 3.3V != 5V. According to Ian, this will eventually damage the chip and make this a $30 coaster (since the PIC is a 3.3V PIC). Er...

  • Ian, what should I do, in this case? The one I rcv'd from SparkFun is giving 5V at the ICSP. As a result, all of my ADC measurements are fubar'd.

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