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  • I've heard of people using wood glue to coat their print for water tightness, they do this for planters, but not sure how long it holds up being water soluble. Maybe use that XTC 3D stuff from smooth on.

  • Neat projects! I used a handful of PING sensors a few years back to do following luggage and did a write up here: http://blog.colecago.com/?p=87

    I've thought about going back and making it a module so people can more easily incorporate it into their projects as I've gotten lots of interest and comments over the years.

  • Nice, that's what was on our posters in high school though no one in my college courses had heard of it that way.

  • Yay! I'm printing similar tiles (Dragonlock from Fat Dragon). That's actually the theme of my booth at Makerfaire Madison in May, 3D printing for boardgames. I did a trial run of this at a Mini Makerfaire at Barnes and Noble and the kids loved to play with these, making their own dungeons and rooms, DnD Legos pretty much.

  • My favorite electronics prank I did was a few years ago when I was interning at an automotive company. My boss's boss was on vacation and they always prank him when he's out.

    I took two backup alarms from garbage and cement trucks and placed them in his office aiming at his chair. I then hooked up a inductive prox to the inside of one of his drawers so when he opened it the alarms would go off. They were very loud and the placement and frequencies caused a strange warble that made it hard to tell which direction the noise was coming from.

    In the end he got in early so we didn't get to experience his shock firsthand, but he was pretty pleased with it and refused to give the parts back, I'm assuming so he could prank someone else.

  • I much prefer the hardware option that pretends to be a mouse or keyboard versus crossing the line of installing unknown software without permission on someone's computer. I don't trust most of my friends to properly investigate whether a software is safe or not.

  • Shawn cried out in grief at the loss of both of his eyes due to soldering without safety glasses. "The commentors on the website will have a field day with this one!"

  • I was recently informed that there were people selling my design on Etsy, some with and some without giving credit, none of which had contacted me https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:915840

    Now selling my design I eventually came to the opinion was okay because not everyone has a 3D printer and if I want my design to flourish there needs to be paths for people to get it, and in the end they were selling the material and machine time to do so, and I think creative commons share-alike allows such a transaction. Now those selling without giving credit not only breaks the creative commons licensing but also means they are not selling just the plastic but the design in general because they don't give the option to those with printers to do it themselves, and it goes from a grey area of value-added proposition of plastic and machine time to directly selling my creative work as their own.

    In the end I filed 3 claims on Etsy against the 3 sellers that didn't give credit and got the designs pulled and 2 of them settled the claim by adding links to the original design and the other one never responded to the pulled design. I also changed my designs to all non-commercial so in the future people need to ask me before selling my designs

  • I loved that show.

  • Glad to be of service!

    I've seen some cool projects using old analog displays, can't wait to see what more you do with them.

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