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  • I was recently informed that there were people selling my design on Etsy, some with and some without giving credit, none of which had contacted me https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:915840

    Now selling my design I eventually came to the opinion was okay because not everyone has a 3D printer and if I want my design to flourish there needs to be paths for people to get it, and in the end they were selling the material and machine time to do so, and I think creative commons share-alike allows such a transaction. Now those selling without giving credit not only breaks the creative commons licensing but also means they are not selling just the plastic but the design in general because they don’t give the option to those with printers to do it themselves, and it goes from a grey area of value-added proposition of plastic and machine time to directly selling my creative work as their own.

    In the end I filed 3 claims on Etsy against the 3 sellers that didn’t give credit and got the designs pulled and 2 of them settled the claim by adding links to the original design and the other one never responded to the pulled design. I also changed my designs to all non-commercial so in the future people need to ask me before selling my designs

  • I loved that show.

  • Glad to be of service!

    I’ve seen some cool projects using old analog displays, can’t wait to see what more you do with them.

  • Neat article!

    One comment on the dBm meter, you mentioned 130mA and that being well within the range of an Arduino PWM, that’s a lot of current for the micro to source from an IO pin, I believe the limits are more around 20mA per pin, though I’m not sure if that’s assuming you are sourcing from every pin and thus a single output can be higher, but either way 130mA seems like a lot to source from your micro directly.

  • An SMT linear regulator in constant current setup wouldn’t be too bad either

  • I think the Femtobuck and a 2 cell battery would fit the bill https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13716

  • Those look great.

    In terms of lasting longer, you should be able to somewhat calculate how long they will last by taking the current draw of the LEDs and divide out of the mAH rating of the battery.

    Lithium batteries often have different capacities based on how hard you are using them, and if you are direct driving them your current will change as your battery voltage changes. Maybe go with a 2 cell battery solution and a constant current driver, that way you can have a constant, adjustable current (and brightness) and you can probably use more of your batteries' full range because a single battery might not have enough voltage to turn on the fairy lights when it’s getting low, but a dual cell running a driver will.

  • When I get mine I want to build a “Micro-bot” which will be one of those robots that drives around, bumps into something, backs up and turns, goes ahead forward. Will add some cute expressions on its display as well. Looking at designing a 3D printed enclosure for that project.

  • On this day you will be haunted by three zombies. Expect the first one around lunch time

  • Actually looks like ours came first. I call PRIOR ART!

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