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  • Can anyone tell me what the pad spacing is on the strip itself?

  • I don’t see it in the specs, but just to be sure does this include a charge circuit? That would be sweet… Ahhh nevermind. Just read that it doesn’t. :)

  • Where did you find a repo with a drawing? I have a Shapeoko 2 and the drawings for it were really good. But you might be right, I can’t find a full set of drawings for this version.

  • Does the module need to be FCC certified to include it in a product, or just the ESP8266 chip?

  • If anyone has trouble with the address bits, note that the unsoldered pads represent a 1 in the address table. Soldering them changes them to 0. It makes sense if you look at the default address of 0x57 with no pads jumpered. Normally the eeprom keeps these low, but the proto cape has pullups so they are high by default.

  • Would thermite be acceptable?

  • Maybe I’m missing it on the datasheet, but I can’t find the backlight voltage or current specifications for the 3.3v versions. I’m trying to calculate the current limiting resistor value.

  • I just got mine, and it looks like I can blind-mount it if I epoxy the front plate to my enclosure behind some ½ inch holes. Then I’ll use some short self-tapping screws (maybe a #4, ¼" long) that only go into the black front plate of the button assembly. The trick is keeping the screws short enough that they don’t pop out the front of the enclosure.
    One problem is that the mounting holes are much too close to the switch terminals. Anything other than a TINY screw head might touch the pcb traces for the switch.

  • I’ve been using a $40 ace hardware heat gun with electronic temperature control. Like he said above, the nozzle is a bit large. But I’ve thought about using pipe reducers or sheet metal to make some different nozzles.

  • What’s the pitch of that lead screw? It’s super fast…

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