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  • The 1kohm pull-ups installed on this breakout are quite strong. I’m running this through the PCA9306 level translator which already has 1kohm pull-ups for the 3.3V lines and given there is an MPU-6050 on the same I2C bus the combined pull-up (1kohm + 1kohm + 10kohm parallel) seems to be too high for the MPU-6050 which refuses to work when this breakout is attached to the bus..

    I’m guessing I could just go ahead and unsolder the pull-up resistors on this one to reduce the overall pull-up of the SDA/SCL lines?

    Interestingly the HMC5883L has no resistors installed at all, instead relying on external pull-ups often provided by the master. The pull-up policy seems to be a bit chaotic when it comes to these breakouts. :)

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