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  • Here's a timelapse I made using this camera and my rPi, running the "motion" application.

  • Works out of the box on Mac OS 10.9. The OS reports it as follows:

    USB 2.0 Camera:

    Product ID: 0x62f1

    Vendor ID: 0x0c45 (Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.)

    Version: 1.00

    Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec

    Manufacturer: Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.

    Location ID: 0xfa130000 / 7

    Current Available (mA): 500

    Current Required (mA): 500

    I tried it with Photo Booth. The image looked really really good, however the framerate was crap, maybe about 1.2fps or something.

    Raspberry Pi: This works very very easily with Raspian. Shows up as /dev/video0. I've been using it with "motion", to log motion event videos to my NFS server.

  • I took a gamble and ordered two of these, for my Raspberry Pi's. Under Raspian, there's the wifi config tool on the desktop. I used that to configure and it worked immediately with my Apple Airports. So, as far as Raspberry Pi's are concerned, these wifi adapters would seem to work out of the box. The signal strength doesn't seem so great, but it works well enough for me. More importantly, it seems stable. I was a bit concerned the Pi's USB ports wouldn't source enough current, but since it's stable, I think it's fine. I guess it could crap out during a massive file transfer or something and possibly warrant running off of a powered hub, but I haven't needed one yet.

  • So I've now had this a couple of years and have used it many many times, though somewhat casually. I still think it's a fairly decent meter. I haven't replaced the battery yet. I think it's a bit on the slow side for giving a reading, but considering the price point, I still think it's good. Feels fairly solid too.

  • So I guess this product has been retired - is there going to be a replacement? I was about to order a few of these?

  • Both of the previous Free Days I've spent from the first minute it's opened right until it's closed trying to get an order through... SF is so cool for doing this, what a neat promotion.. Maybe next time I'll manage to place an order!! ;)

  • No one's floor mats are THAT clean... So thank you to whomever who I guess cleaned up their car massively for that one live-action shot.. How thoughtful of you. (tips top-hat)

  • Major Props to the whole SF gang. I'm especially delighted that SF is around as if it weren't I'd probably have to do what they're doing, but since they're owning that area so wonderfully - I'm free to discover other things!

  • What a cool promotional event! I'm sad that despite near militaristic organization on my part, my strongest efforts were insufficient to get my order placed. But it's no matter, it was a fun little game to play. Thankfully of me and my two buddies, one got his order in! lol.
    Thanks for the fun scramble SF!

  • Indeed, I'll buy when a breakout board shows up!