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  • Yo, don’t be whiny please. Invest that time/energy in googling!

    Wowwee posted an official list of all the commands for controlling via either bluetooth or UART on their github. Take a look here for the protocol, and all the commands: https://github.com/WowWeeLabs/MiP-BLE-Protocol

    Now help build out that library and empower others!!!


  • Any chance I could get an all up weight of this module? Anything newer that might be lower total weight in a small package?

  • Awesome job man, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. Keep up your side projects even when life happens.
    (P.S. make a website, put google adsense on there and that’ll keep the funding coming in while you play-worked for me)

  • Sooo stinkin cool!

  • Cool platform. Definitely a new take on the tracked design. Why four independent motors tho? Many kudos for keeping the price low.

  • Simply awesome! I love my wrangler, theyre the perfect automobiles for tinkerers.

  • Can anyone confirm this works (well) at 3.3v? Range any worse?

  • Interesting move sparkfun, definitely nice to have an american distributor for these cheap tx’s. If you can source the Turnigy TH9x’s, I could see them being very popular. Especially since not even hobbyking can keep them in stock

  • Lol, I like the trophy. Im working on a few projects now, and I really hope none of them become accidental antimov entries

  • Im glad yall are selling these now. Beats the heck out of 60$ bluetooth modules. I do smell a breakout board coming for these tho.

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