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  • Is this a typo? "This version of the sensor has additional control circuitry that can provide inconsistent "bouncy" data depending on the application."

    If its not a typo, then I would prefer you keep that additional circuitry and I'll go about my day without inconsistent bouncy data. ;-)

  • Drawing is missing dimensions for the (kind of important) D part of the shaft. I'm measuring 5.46mm from flat to other side of shaft (relatively shallow D)

  • Still significantly cheaper than any alternative I can find. Thanks for carrying, Sparkfun!

  • I think <4g is the acceptable acceleration limit(<4x gravity), not the mass. Does anyone have the weight of this module? Could be a good contender for small flying stuff if it's light.

    P.S. Actually it'd be great to see sparkfun start putting weight on the specs of more of their stuff with the rise of so many flying robots. Ya'll are already great about putting a scale on your many pics, this would just be a suggestion for a slight bump in awesomeness

  • Yo, don't be whiny please. Invest that time/energy in googling!

    Wowwee posted an official list of all the commands for controlling via either bluetooth or UART on their github. Take a look here for the protocol, and all the commands:

    Now help build out that library and empower others!!!


  • Any chance I could get an all up weight of this module? Anything newer that might be lower total weight in a small package?

  • Awesome job man, you've got a bright future ahead of you. Keep up your side projects even when life happens.
    (P.S. make a website, put google adsense on there and that'll keep the funding coming in while you play-worked for me)

  • Sooo stinkin cool!

  • Cool platform. Definitely a new take on the tracked design. Why four independent motors tho? Many kudos for keeping the price low.

  • Simply awesome! I love my wrangler, theyre the perfect automobiles for tinkerers.

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