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  • I still don't recommend this unless you really need something to solder with for like, a day and then you're done with soldering. Now that I think of it, I'm using a model that's nice but seemingly nameless. And when I'm not near power, a "Weller P2C Portasol Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Solder Iron" works great, with nice heat settings, 25 watts to 75 watts.

  • On the transmitter page, someone posted an overview of how to deal with the static.
    ErieRider: Duplicating my post... These modules work just fine. Just remember that the receivers have automatic gain control and will increase their gain in order to find a signal. This means that the receiver will start to generate noisy output unless you transmit something about every 10mS. I dropped the antenna from my transmitter and signal integrity on the receiver improved - I left the antenna on my receiver. Further suggestions, put some filter caps across the power supply pins and integrate a preamble byte and a checksum. Have the receiver search for the preamble and verify the packet with the checksum.

  • Cut them off after verifying they don't need to be pulled up or down or anything. Like, don't clip off the ground pin.

  • Very likely not.

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