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  • I can’t say I am too pleased with the Sparkfun Pro Micro given the outdated information made available for its use and overall difficulty (compared to Arduino Uno and Mega) to get it to run. The first struggle was to find where MS hid the option to disable the signed driver requirement on Windows 8.1 64bit (the SF guide refers to old versions of Windows where it was easier to override the requirement. The geniuses at MS made it way more convoluted to switch it off). Once I found the instructions I was finally able to install the driver but hit the next hurdle right away. Any time I select the Sparkfun Pro Micro 5V / 16MHz I am unable to compile anything as the compile errors out. My guess is that the add-on files are not compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5.5 given I installed version 1.0.5 on a separate VM and was able to compile without issues. I can’t use the VM to upload to the Pro Micro because each time the device gets re-enumerated the VM drops the connection to it and I just can’t re-enable it fast enough having to reset the board twice and re-select it in the IDE. Also, I found a couple features/fixes between 1.0.5 and 1.5.5 that I need/want so I’d rather not attempt a downgrade risking breaking my other sketches and/or compatibility with my system… (I am not getting into the struggle I went through to get the MP3 player shield to work on my UNO for similar lack of info reasons). Long story short, it would be nice if Sparkfun revisited the original guide to add all the tidbits of info otherwise scattered elsewhere to make it easier to use their hardware on up-to-date systems (newer revisions of Sparkfun hardware, latest OS version, latest IDE even if considered beta - especially when it appears Arduino keeps the IDE in beta for extremely long insane periods (1.5 beta started in Oct 2012 and still is!!). I am a new Arduino user and Sparkfun customer and am loving it but I see some room for improvement here to reduce the annoying and unnecessary frustration :) I guess I will have to set this aside until fully supported… hopefully soon. End of rant :-)

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