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  • It seems this board’s layout is slightly different to the one on Bodhilabs page: VPackPCBAA, The placement of 2 pads and J1 and C1 are reversed. Other than that I assume the components are the same.
    Using this 5V VPack PCB with only TWO AA batteries, it seems to work as advertised, you get a nice 5V at the output.
    I was seeing a similar issue to the one jbfraser described; it seemed to short out the supply. Using 4AA batteries, with a separate 3.3V regulator, the 3.3V regulator got really hot when this VPack was placed inline; the output of the 5V VPack PCB was near 1V.
    In looking at the datasheet for the LM2623, ghjeng was nice enough to provide, it seems this problem might due to that C3 capacitor described in the design notes on datasheet: LM2623 Datasheet, pg. 11. SCH on pg 1.
    I guess the combination of the input impedance/capacitance to this board causes some really freaky behavior as I saw in my situation; I’ll have to dig deeper and try out some other components. I wouldn’t call it a “drop in” component.

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