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    1. FYI, the shortcut / discombobultator example in the video shows only 50 points awarded for corners when taking the shortcut. Example 5 in the official rules states that the vehicle should have received 100 points for completing all 4 corners. Which is correct?

    2. The video doesn't show the ramp leading up to the discombobulator (I know, it's a work in progress...PLEASE post photos as the competition nears). Will the ramps on both sides also be ~4-ft in width (same width as the discombobulator)? Will the ramps have a crescent cutout so that a vehicle may enter and exit the discombobulator anywhere along the ramp width?

    3. In previous years, the course has been setup for testing the afternoon before. Will that still be available? Will the discombobulator be setup for testing as well?

    4. In previous years, testing was allowed in between heats. Will that still be allowed?

  • How many unique customers have purchased from Sparkfun?

  • To Nathan, I've competed 4 times in the AVC and am excited for next year. Are you planning on creating and sponsoring other robitics competitions?

  • Can you send ~10 SF employees equipped with red sharpies to the warehouse to color or deface the borders of the multimeters? They'd only have to color 200 multimeters each...

  • head over to the diyrovers google group. there's quite a bit of discussion about the competition, strategy, build components, etc.


  • For the race next year, I suggest the starting line is a simple strip of tape or something similar. The cable tray used for this year's competition was a pain. My car, as well as most others I saw, either had to start behind the cable tray or at a downhill slant while on top of it. Most cars didn't have the length and height to sit properly on it. --Rich, Team Roadrunner

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