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  • Which are the tolerance limits for power supply?
    I tried to connect this PCB to a Texas Instrument MSp430 Development Kit (It has a 3.1V power supply) and the LCD lights on a moment and then switchs off...
    Which is also the maximun V to source this board?
    Is there any guide explaining which is the proper way to connect the supply pins (Vdig, LED+,Vdsp, GND) in either 6 and 8 pin header configuration?
    In the datasheet say, for example, that " Be sure to remove the solder jumpers JC1, JC2, and JC3 for direct access to the LCD connector" in order to use header 2, but there are no jumpers at the board. Does it mean that I must solder JC1,JC2, and JC3 jumpers to use header 1?
    Many questions...a better guide would be useful.

  • I'm waiting for a LED matrix from one month ago, but they are always out of stock. Are you going to bring some more, or must I ask some other electronic distributor?

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