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  • use the multimeter to test the output of muscle sensor. ON CRO we are not able to see the expected output.

  • hi everyone!

    I got a strange problem. When i’m providi voltage to the muscle sensor using voltage generator, i’m able to get the proper output. But, when i’m using batteries(philips 9V) instead of voltage generator i’m not able to get the proper output. So i tested weather am i providing the right voltage or not.. when i checked using multi meter i noticed the voltages are +9v and -9v. After giving the battery connections to the muscle sensor as mentioned in the user manual, interestingly i’ve noticed that all the voltage from one of the battery is drained and i really don’t know what was happened. I tried the same thing with 2 more new batteries and again the same thing happened.

    Someone please let me know what’s the problem was.

    Thanks in advance.

  • hi everyone, I got a doubt like can i give the o/p signal of muscle sensor kit to the computer and from there to xbee module (transmitter).. and again to xbee receiver which is connected to the arduino board.

    Simply all i want to do is to control the appliances with wireless gestures..which could help the disabled persons..

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