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  • What are the benefits of a brass sponge? When I started I didn’t have a sponge at all. Now I use a cheap copper sponge in a half a soda can, works great.

  • I agree! I have one now and after using it quite a bit I can say it is well worth it,

  • You know something, you’re right! I had that wrong, thank you for correcting me and my ignorance. Apparently, I have been running my leds criminally low ever since I got into this.

  • Your training is complete, you must now face the final trial, debugging without onboard leds.

  • Video not available in the US… :( Still cool though.

  • That’s awesome! I don’t actually have any boards capable of utilizing it, but this is great plus for me to get one.

  • Can you do me a favor and listen to this box for a minute?

  • Best demo ever!

  • Okay, I suppose this could serve as a way in for people who are intimidated by the circuit boards and exposed wires and stuff. Alright my, opinion has successfully been changed. This product has its place.

  • I’m all for people learning and getting into electronics through something like this, but why is Sparkfun selling it? If you’re browsing Sparkfun’s catalog, you’re probably already into all that. And then there’s the price, for the price of just one of these kits you could buy a lot of breadboard arduino stuff. That’s not messy. You can play with it for hours on a desk and learn more than you would with this. I suppose it has its place, I just don’t think this is it. Maybe I’m just being an idiot, I’m kinda tired.